Expected for summer 2021

John Soldatos and Dimosthenis Kyriazis

«Bigdata and Artificial Intelligence in Digital Finance - Disrupting Financial Institutions using Digital Technologies»

Springer Open

8 May 2021

Natkamon Tovanich, Simone Centellegher, Nacéra Bennacer Seghouani, Joe Gladstone, Sandra Matz & Bruno Lepri

«Inferring psychological traits from spending categories and dynamic consumption patterns»

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Springer Open

1 March 2021

A. Pnevmatikakis, S. Kanavos, G. Matikas, K. Kostopoulou, A. Cesario and S. Kyriazakos

«Risk Assessment for Personalized Health Insurance Based on Real-World Data»

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Date of Conference:
2-5 Nov. 2020
Date Added to IEEE Xplore:
03 December 2020

Baran Kılıc, Can Ozturan and Alper Sen

«A Cluster Based System for Analyzing Ethereum Blockchain Transaction Data»

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IEEE Xplore and published in 2020 Second International Conference on Blockchain Computing and Applications (BCCA)

22 February 2021

Pavlos Kranas, Boyan Kolev, Oleksandra Levchenko, Esther Pacitti, Patrick Valduriez, Ricardo Jiménez-Peris, Marta Patiño-Martinez

«Parallel Query Processing in a Polystore».
INFINITECH has been added in the acknowledgement section

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28 August 2020

Pablo Dago CasasMarta SesteloBorja Pintos Castro Gradiant

«A new approach for dynamic and risk-based data anonymization»

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11 june 2020

Finance Innovation

«Le Pôle Finance Innovation, fer de lance de l’innovation dans la finance digitale en Europe»

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Esteval editions online magazine

25 October 2019

Ariana Polyviou, Pantelis Velanas, John Soldatos

«Blockchain Technology: Financial Sector Applications Beyond Cryptocurrencies»

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MDPI and publication presented at the 3rd annual Decentralized Conference, Athens, Greece, 30 October–1 November 2019.


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