Container orchestration technologies at the service of INFINITECH

The rise of the software containerization practices has redesigned the way applications are developed, redistributed, and maintained.

This new approach consists in isolating the application within a dedicated environment that can be reproduced regardless of the underlaying physical/virtual machine by means of a containerization engine.

The benefits of such a technique are too many to remain indifferent: The application can run in a private or a public cloud seamlessly, a failure in a container doesn’t affect the execution of another container, multi-container software can be managed and developed easily and quickly with the adoption of appropriate DevOps methodologies. All these benefits may be worth a lot in the context of FinTech and InsuranceTech applications where uptime, fault tolerance and integrity are some of the major priorities.

Kubernetes is an open source project made by Google that automates the process of deploying and managing multi-container applications at scale.

Making life even easier now is Helm, a sort of package manager for Kubernetes objects, which avoids the hassle of manually installing and configuring an application. It provides templating mechanism (a chart) that describes how given pieces of software can run and communicate as a group of containers within Kubernetes. In INFINITECH, the establishment of the testbed hosting the developments of the project’s FinTechs/InsuranceTech firms (task T6.5), led by ENGINEERING, is relying on such cutting-edge technologies.

In the context of the WP6 of INFINITECH, ENGINEERING brings its experience in the development and management of containerized and cloud-native software using Kubernetes, Helm and related technologies, in order to rapidly prototyping the artifacts that will be exploited by several pilots, focusing on the reusability in different scenarios and on the quick adoption for the upcoming needs in the Fintech landscape.

Container orchestration technologies at the service of INFINITECH

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