EventRegistry: global real-time media observatory

20th January 2020, Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Event Registry is real-time cross-lingual global media monitoring service for modelling global social dynamics (eventregistry.org) developed by the Jožef Stefan Institute.

Event Registry is a global media monitoring tool that aggregates and analyses news content for over 120,000 news sources published globally in 100+ languages. Events mentioned in the news are identified and relevant information about them is automatically extracted and stored in a searchable form. The data can be accessed directly on the platform or via the API.
Eventregistry supports various analytics including deep analytics of the events and correlations between events, extracted entities and financial data extracted from the main financial indexes.

Eventregistry will be used to provide wider context to system internal data that is being used by the financial sector. This scenario is already running in Bloomberg and Morgan Stanley. The ambition in INFINITECH is to use additional internal data (based on scenarios) to provide solutions for new scenarios e.g. anti-money laundering, procurement, financial advisors, etc.
ER will be used to additionally enrich data, collected from internal sources in Pilot#8.

Eventregistry offers:

Data collection: automatically collects articles from more than 120.000 online news available in more than 100 languages. From its setup in the beginning of 2014 more than 350 Mio articles have been collected, cleaned, formalised and stored and more than 15 Mio events detected and processed.

Media Intelligence:
allows various analytics through spatial, temporal and causal spaces including correlations between extracted entities, events, indexes, and events prediction. Some use examples:

  • understanding a brand and how it is perceived in the media;
  • creating competitive landscapes from the media perspective;
  • creating business intelligence reports;
  • spotting trends in an industry branch;
  • getting ideas and finding information to create user content;
  • finding which content was shared most on social media;
  • creating visualizations to include in reports and presentations;
  • analysing any topic over a longer time span;
  • finding correlation between various entities;
  • predicting consequences of an event.

Media Monitoring:
allows deeper and real-time monitoring of the global pulse, trends and predictions. Some use examples:

  • finding news content mentioning your company, team members, products, brands, etc.;
  • monitoring news related to an industry;
  • receiving the latest updates to reduce risks and discover opportunities;
  • monitoring the latest content on a broad topic (e.g. sustainability, immigration, gun violence);
  • finding news on a topic regardless of the article language.

Event Registry is the complete toolkit for rapid news analytics. With Event Registry we collect, analyze, and organize global news content so that businesses can make smarter, faster and more accurate decisions than ever before. World’s leading companies are using Event Registry: London Stock Exchange, Bank of America, Thomson Reuters, IBM, BBC News, Barclays, Accenture, Harvard University, Stanford University, Johnson&Johnson...

(Event registry – home page and user interface.)

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